A 3d-printed mold
Vergina, Greece
The project involved designing and 3D printing an Ionic Column, which is part of the second-floor facade of the Palace of Aegae. To create the final columns used in the facade’s restoration, a silicone mold was made using the printed column and filled with mortar.

The column stands at a height of approximately 2,216mm and was printed in 45 unique cross-sections of about 50mm, which were then assembled. What makes this project unique is the variable size and shape of each cross-section, with dimensions ranging from 350x360mm. The printing technology used was FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) with PLA (Polyactide) material, and the total printing time took about 1200 hours.

Through our use of cutting-edge technology and our team’s expertise in restoration, we were able to faithfully reproduce these architectural elements, ensuring that the Palace of Aegae’s facade is restored to its original grandeur.